DIY Your Preservation

Are you interested in learning how to DIY your own resin preservation? I am available for consultation, lessons, and questions. It can be a time consuming process to learn if you're trying to do it on your own! I can offer support, insider tips and tricks that have taken me years to learn. Contact me for more info.

Below are affiliate links (I may make some money if you purchase by clicking through any of these) to tools of the trade and my recommendations for someone just getting started with learning this process.

STEP 1: Flower drying tools

  • silica gel - color indicating types are my favorite. This way you can use them again and again.

  • a respirator or mask (don't breathe in that silica! It can harm your lungs)

  • a tool to cut your flowers off the stems (sharp scissors don't really work well- use trimmers)

  • an air-tight container or 2 to hold the flowers and silica.

STEP 2: Choosing the right resin

These 3 above are my favorites and seem to do well with having low VOCs and high clarity. There's different kinds and brands for different uses. You'll need to know what mold you're pouring into prior to choosing the right resin.

STEP 3: Mixing the resin

It's a good idea to throw that respirator back on and mix in a well ventilated area. Most resins I use are 2:1- which means two parts to one part. Accurate measuring and the right temperature and humidity are key here to achieving a good mix. If you're messy like me, isopropyl alcohol will be your best friend. I've also found that most alcohol based hand sanitizers do a pretty good job of quick clean up too.