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For today’s post, I’m supposed to show you what my art looks like on display, out in the wild.

Here's an 8” square resin preservation piece I made from my own wedding bouquet flowers. Sitting on our mantle with this cool snow-globe-like picture frame and some small floral resin cubes. I love the way the sunlight hits it in the afternoons and makes the flowers sort of glow.

Behind it is what we used for our guest book at what ended up to be a “micro” wedding due to COVID. We’re hoping to throw a larger reception this year and the goal is to have each person choose a paint daub and sign- so the gust book turns into a functional work of art in our home. It was my first time playing with oil paints in a while, but I love the modern simplicity of it, and how it breaks up the dark colors of our exposed brick wall and fireplace.


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