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Your wedding flowers, your story. 

You choose them carefully to reflect your theme, your style, your personality. You place them into your hair as you're getting ready. Little hands sprinkle them down the aisle. You hold them as you take the walk that starts the next chapter in your life.

Your wedding bouquet holds the most beautiful story- your love story.

I make sure that story is remembered and saved, forever.

Your bouquet will be carefully prepped, dried, and cast in resin. Keepsakes can be made to give to the bridal party and family who have helped you along this adventure.

I'm now taking reservations for bridal bouquet floral preservation in the Pittsburgh area 2023 and onward.

Contact me to learn more about the process,  investment, and to make a reservation.

Additionally, I offer consultation and lessons to anyone interested in DIY options.


Step 1


Before I begin any custom designs, I will first schedule a time with you to pick up your special occasion flowers as soon as you’re ready to part with them. Please keep flowers in water and out of direct sunlight while waiting for pickup. If you are not in the Pittsburgh area, you may ship your flowers directly to Jen’s studio. Timeline of preservation  typically takes 6-8 weeks. A 50% deposit of quoted price is due at the time of pickup. 


Step 2

To preserve the delicate elements of your bouquet, I use a fine silica powder to begin the drying process. The silica helps the flowers retain most of their original color and shape through the drying process. Some color changes may occur depending on the kind and color of your blooms.


Step 3

Design & Resin

Each batch of epoxy resin is carefully mixed by hand and poured over your delicately arranged flowers. Florals are suspended in layers of clear resin, as if they were frozen in ice.


Step 4


When the resin piece is removed from the mold, I finish it by carefully polishing and pouring a flood coat of resin. Then, it’s ready to leave the studio. I will contact you for drop-off and to collect the final payment

Additionally, I can ship via USPS/FedEx.