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For some artists using found objects, recycling, or creating community engagement in their art is their thing. For me, my jam is l'art pour l'art or “art for art’s sake.” It doesn’t have to be anything; it doesn’t have to serve a function. I make art because it feels good. I make art because it helps me make sense of the world around me- both figuratively and literally. I make art because in my core I believe that being creative helps us to tell our stories and express our emotions. I believe art helps us work through things when words fail us. I believe that art is healing. I believe in the power of art. I believe art is a necessity in my life.

I’m not just an artist, I’m also a board-certified Art Therapist- which sounds cool and different and maybe to some sounds a little “woo-woo.” Ultimately, I know that my beliefs about art are backed by research into the neuroscience of art-making and the creative process.


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