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I like to think of my palette as “rainbow puke.” If it’s got bright colors, I’m in. It’s how I decorate my office at work, and what I tend to use in painting. But I’ve noticed that I do tend to lean more towards the blues, greens, and teals when making something totally for myself.

This piece is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever made- ever. It’s from my “You + Me” series- where I played with overlapping circles on transparent paper, depth perception, and perspective of the viewer. It’s one of those things that started in my sketchbook, and somehow made its way out.

The color blue has lately been my go-to and since practicing more mindfulness, I’ve realized the deep emotional connection I have to it. To me, it’s a sanctuary, home, a safe place. When I look at this piece, I feel a sense of calm and possibility.


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