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Silver Linings

The last year certainly has felt like a gray cloud hanging over my head- 2020 was full of curveballs and my new least favorite word “pivoting.” From rescheduling my wedding to learning how to work as a counselor/art therapist completely virtually to missing out on the connection to friends and family... it truly was a rough start. I do believe that beautiful things can bloom from the seeds of the most difficult moments. So, I’m here today to talk about the good stuff no one could have predicted that happened in the last 365 days.

- I got to marry my soulmate, even if it was 4 months later than originally planned.

- I developed a resin flower preservation process in a slow and steady way and was able to retain quality in each piece.

- I learned to set boundaries around my time and make space for what was most important each day.

- Less time at vendor shows and art fairs = more time home to focus on creation instead of monetizing my artwork.

- I’ve gotten better at cooking… I think at least.

- I received 2 job promotions, which required me to push myself beyond my self-made limitations and trust that I could do more than I ever thought I could.

- I’ve stopped taking connection and the people in my daily life for granted. I’m lucky to be considered “essential” and 1A in my full-time work and never had a day without being around someone else. I’m more grateful than ever for the work I do and the relationships it continuously adds to my life.


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