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My main focus at the moment is working to attain some relative balance between work, art, and just general living my life. I do consider myself a workaholic and I’ve recently stepped into a new role at my full-time job + have this pretty cool and booming art side-hustle + just really like spending time with my husband + NEED time for rest and play.

In regards to my art “work”- I’ve been trying to focus more on not only making art for sale and commission requests, but also leaving time to make art for myself that purposefully is not for sale.

To me balance looks like some days being more focused on one thing, and another day more focused on another. It’s like a seesaw - I play with my days and how I spend my time, constantly aiming for a space of relative equilibrium- but giving myself permission to not take anything too seriously. It’s a work in progress… and it always will be. That’s what “balance” is. It isn’t a stagnant state of achievement (that would be SO boring), it’s a process every day.


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