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Hi, I’m Jen! 👋🏻 I’m the one behind all this artwork. Today kicks off #marchmeetthemaker and I’m excited to start this daily post challenge about me and my art. A little intro for those that don’t know- my day job is in counseling and Art Therapy and I make art as a way to unwind and make sense of my days. I take on client commissions for some projects, and I’ve been able to work with some local Pittsburgh businesses for artwork and design. I use all sorts of media and techniques, but lately, I’ve been developing my floral resin preservation technique and have had the honor of preserving wedding bouquets for clients. I also use ink and watercolor to make digital portraits of my favorite cities. I love bright colors and airy, whimsical designs. If I could summarize myself in 3 words I’d say caring, creative, funny. I’m just full of dad jokes.


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