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I’m lucky to have a dedicated studio space in my home where I can go at any time to be alone with my art and thoughts. It’s on the third floor of the house with slanted ceilings which I am constantly knocking my head into, its own ½ bathroom, and loads of shelves to store all my goodies. I call it the “art loft.”

My desk is next to a window that gets some of the most gorgeous sunlight in the whole house. Currently on my desk: my favorite sharpies and drawing supplies, post-it notepads (never can have too many), 2 sketchbooks- one for arting and one for taking notes, the Beyond Boss “Revamp Your Instagram” guide that seems helpful if I were to start implementing any of the advice, cured blobs of old resin from before I realized how messy the process actually was, a book on providing supervision to Art Therapists.

I split my art-making time between this space and the kitchen counter, due to its proximity to the sink, better light during the evening, having more workspace without the slanted ceiling issue. Some days art in progress has quite literally taken over the entire house- my husband has yet to lodge any formal complaints on the matter, so I plan to continue to slowly take over and see if he notices. We’ll call it an experiment in site-(non)specific studio space. Shhh, don’t tell him.


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