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Here we see the artist in her natural habitat. Please remain quiet as you approach, or you may startle her.

Pittsburgh emerging artist, Jen Joyce, has exhibited artwork in group shows including Art All Night and the Fort Pitt Museum. Jen is honored to have worked in collaboration with local businesses some of her favorites have been with Wigle Whiskey, and Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh. In 2019 Jen was engaged with Papyrus’ Artist in Residence Program.

Jen received her BA in Psychology and Studio Arts from Kent State University and MA in Art Therapy with Specialization in Counseling from Seton Hill University. She works full-time as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist. In her time away from full0time work, she enjoys creating portraits of the cities she loves and adds skylines as she travels to new destinations. Jen’s work expresses excitement and playfulness found in city living, and her favorite architecture and bridges.

Jen also has been creating custom modern floral preservation of special occasion flowers. For this process she carefully dries clients’ flowers and casts them in resin, creating a glass-like remembrance of their special day.


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