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Small Detail

I often get the request to sign my work. It’s a fair request- why shouldn’t artwork be signed? Prints, original pieces- they all deserve the artist’s mark.

But hey- here’s a heads up- each of my pieces ARE signed (with the exception of resin). You don’t have to ask me for it.

It’s already there. Take a look around. It’s the sunshine in your hair. It’s the shadow on the ground. It’s the whisper in the wind.

Ahem. So sorry- do you ever just burst out into song like a Disney princess singing Lonestar? No, just me? Oh ok. Well, anyway if you can’t find my signature you’re not looking hard enough.

I turned it into a game of hide and seek- where I guess I’m the only winner. I like to camouflage my signature in each piece. It’s a small detail that often gets missed among the rest of the lines and colors that are in each piece. Usually, it’s in the bottom right-ish area. If you own one of my pieces, take a look.

Maybe grab a magnifying glass first.


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